03 June 2008

Newlyweds - 17 days

And we're back ...

The honeymoon in Cincinnati was GREAT! I love Love LOVE horseback riding. Seriously, if you live in the L'ville area and have a horse (which considering this is Derby City shouldn't be hard to find) I want to be your friend!

Now I'm back at work ... which stinks because James is home (seriously working on trying to NOT be jealous of this situation). He's busy assembling our new bookshelves and cabinet and hopefully clearing out our junky guest bedroom and cleaning/organizing a bit. Our place is a disaster zone and I can't function in such a mess.

On another note, we have spiders. I have killed, well actually I have screamed then watched James kill, probably about a dozen spiders since we moved in there. The courtyard is quite wooded, so it's expected that spiders would make their way in, but this is weirding me out! Of course, with as messy as things are right now, I'm not about to call the manager to send out exterminator, he would be appalled for sure! I guess this is preparation for the mission field, spiders are everywhere I suppose, except Siberia ... hmmm, that sounds good to me!

I'll post pictures of our honeymoon soon, well as soon as I find my camera cable in our big ole' apartment mess!

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