23 June 2008

Newlyweds - 37 days

Random Update Time:

I'm seriously sleepy this morning. It's VBS week at church and last night, I had the blessing of teaching 13 2 & 3 year olds about God taking care of people just as he took care of the Israelites leaving Egypt. Who knew toddlers were so exhausting? I don't think any of them sat longer than 2 minutes all evening ... whew! There are some other wonderful teachers in the room - I'm amazed at how Tara interacts with the children - how caring she is and persistent in telling them about God while they play. Being a mom of 3 young girls herself, she is a role model to emulate in this area, I do believe.

James has been working with the Bluegrass Getaway Vacations for about 2 weeks now. He seems to really enjoy it, his coworkers are nice and they have a lot of fun. Last week, his boss encouraged him to enter the Watermelon Eating Contest while at the Bullit Co. Fair and may I proudly announce that my husband came in 3rd place - Good Job Honey! I can't believe he gets paid to do this-Ha! The one big bummer of this job is the hours - 5-10pm. Which means that when I get home at 5:30, I don't see him until 10:30 or so -- so we eat late, end up staying up too late then I'm sleepy at 6:30 when it's rise & shine Melissa, time for work! But it's just for the summer and God is so faithful to provide this extra income that we really shouldn't complain.

James has taught the Middle School Boys two weeks now and that seems to be progressing nicely. I really enjoy the fact that we get to study our lessons together and collaborate on ideas and such. We've been teaching them together as he's still learning names, etc...

Prayer Requests:
Pray for two of our youth who are moving at the end of this month - one to Cleveland, OH (sad to say goodbye) and one to another home here in Louisville due to her parents' divorce. This same youth whose parents are divorcing is also facing surgery in July for her back - she was in gymnastics for years and has several vertebrates that are out of whack so they are putting a rod in her back - ouch!

Keep praying for Sarah as she and her family grieve the loss of her father.

Pray for Mrs. Kay as she's at Super Summer with her youth this week. She's never been to a camp like this, so she's kinda nervous. Also, remember Mr. Marvin as he's home-alone while she's away.

Still about $300 away for James' Peru trip - we're trusting God to provide :)

Check back in tomorrow - I hope to have exciting VBS pics!

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