10 June 2008

Newlyweds - 24 days

Yay for our God who provides!

You'll remember from last week, our excitment then frustration at the security job offer. Well on Monday, the security place offered James a position at the airport. Slightly more money, but not as good hours and well, it's the airport, which means the risk of actually needing security assistance is higher than our quiet campus.

However, over the weekend while at church, James and Steve started talking and Steve told him about a job he works at during the summers - handing out info on vacations to people at various county fairs, Six Flags - KY Kingdom, Bats games, etc... Pays the same per hour as the security job, with the opportunity to make extra money if you get people to sign up. The technical title is "lead generator".

He had an interview this afternoon and is planning on taking that job over the security job. It'll be a more flexible hours, he'll get to work outside (which James loves as long as he remembers his allergies pills), and he'll get passes to go to the fairs, games, etc... how fun!

Thank you for your prayers! If you would, keep me in your prayers as I have an interview for a teaching position this week ... I'll keep you posted.

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