13 June 2008

Newlyweds - 27 days

Just a few random updates/prayer requests:

1. James begins his job at the fair tonight - pray that he does well and holds up in this crazy heat!
2. Interview on Monday - good job, great pay, ok hours.
3. Driving to Nash-Vegas Sunday to see my dad for Father's Day - hope that goes well.
4. Cicada in my car is dead, at least I think so - I haven't seen or heard him...now the recovery mission begins.
5. We had a meeting last night for James' trip to Peru - I'm totally jealous that I'm not going to get to go....anyone got 2K and wanna send me??
6. Apartment is a disaster zone - that's what I'm be doing after ESL tonight, while James is at work.

Yeah, I think that's about it ... ta ta for now.

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