06 April 2009

This Too Shall Be Made Right

As Resurrection Sunday approaches, I've been doing a lot of thinking about why Jesus came to earth. In the Sunday School curriculum our church uses, the past few weeks have been full of commentary on how clueless the disciples were at the true purpose of Jesus' ministry. They thought Jesus had come to be the Messiah, yes; but in a political sense - to set things right with the world - to overthrow Roman rule and set up his Kingdom on earth. Jesus' ministry so many years ago was out of obedience to the Father - to do what we could not do - to live a perfect and sinless life and to die in our place - to take our punishment - that we may be made right with God.

As I've meditated on this these few weeks before we celebrate his resurrection, I think of his coming again. When Jesus comes again it will not as it was then. He will be here to make everything right - a just and righteous judge.

The words of Derek Webb's song "This Too Shall Be Made Right" are really resounding with me now. The song is a thoughtful commentary on how fallen our world presently is and yet how we hope for the day when Christ returns and makes all things new. Enjoy the lyrics below:

"This Too Shall Be Made Right"
Derek Webb
people love you the most for the things you hate
and hate you for loving the things
that you cannot keep straight
people judge you on a curve
and tell you you’re getting what you deserve
this too shall be made right
children cannot learn
when children cannot eat
stack them like lumber when children cannot sleep
children dream of wishing wells
whose waters quench all the fires of Hell
this too shall be made right
the earth and the sky and the sea are all holding their breath
wars and abuses have nature groaning with death
we say we’re just trying to stay alive
but it looks so much more like a way to die
this too shall be made right
there’s a time for peace and there is a time for war
a time to forgive and a time to settle the score
a time for babies to lose their lives
a time for hunger and genocide
this too shall be made right
I don’t know the suffering of people outside my front door
I join the oppressors of those who i choose to ignore
I’m trading comfort for human life
and that’s not just murder it’s suicide
this too shall be made right

29 January 2009

Two and a Half Months Later

...so it's been a while.

Why? Well our neighbor, whom we shared wireless with moved and of course, took her wireless with her. Sadness for us. Though I must admit that not having the internet at home - I was able to get a lot more accomplished. It did however, make for some spur of the moment jaunts to Panera to partake of hot chocolate and free wifi there.

Now? We have new neighbors and are back to sharing wireless again. It stinks being poor and having to share, but whatcha going to do?

Since November:
-I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal: Turkey and all the trimmings.
-Shared Thanksgiving with our Cuban & Mexican friends.
-Spent the days before Christmas in WV with James' family.
-Spent Christmas itself in Louisville.
-Spent the days after Christmas in TN with my family.
-Heard James preach at my home church on New Years' Eve.
-Turned THIRTY! (crazy)
-Survived a bought with Salmonella. (no more pb for me)
-Currently cooped up in the house due to the Snow/Ice storm that has blanketed KY.

05 November 2008

Presidential Meme

Over at Making Home, Jess did a little meme about the various presidential elections she has lived through. I thought it was cool, so I've blatantly copied her :)

My thoughts on this election
I wish I could have voted for Obama. I really do - to be apart of the group that elected the first biracial president - how could would that have been - except for the fact that I couldn't vote for him. Why not? Not because he's biracial - that really means little to me, in fact it kinda excited me. Not because he's a democrat - I'm actually registered as a democrat! Why then? Simply because of his staunch pro-choice stance. You may say I'm making too much of one issue and perhaps I am ... but I like to think that had I lived in the 1960s I would have made too much of the one issue of segregation or had I lived in the 1920s I would have made too much of the one issue of women's suffrage... But that aside, Obama is now my president and I am commited to praying for him. Praying for him to have wisdom in guiding our country; praying for his safety; praying for the health of his marriage; praying for God to draw him close to him.

A Quick Review of the Elections of my Life

1980: Ronald Reagan
1. I REMEMBER: absolutely nothing
2. I WAS: 22 months old
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: My family moved from Merryville to Nashville, I learned to walk, started school, learned to read.

1984: Ronald Reagan
1. I REMEMBER: nothing, again
2. I WAS: in first grade
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: I got my ears pierced, learned to ride a bike, started attending Scottsboro First Baptist Church, celebrated when my sister got married, cried when my mom went into the hospital for the first time (of many) in my life.

1988: George HW Bush
1. I REMEMBER: not a lot, except that I thought Dukakis was a funny name - yeah I know, really mature :)
2. I WAS: in fourth grade
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: We moved to Jackson, then back to Nashville, Dad fell on the jobsite and was in the hospital, celebrated when my neice Angela was born, cried when my dog Bear Baby died.

1992: Bill Clinton
1. I REMEMBER: that our school held a mock election and I was on Ross Perot's team.
2. I WAS: in 8th grade
3. DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I started driving, was horribly rebellious towards my parents, had my first two boyfriends (who each contributed to my rebelliousness), won the geography bee at school, stopped going to church (due to my rebelliousness), then returned to church (due to God's gracious pursuit of me).

1996: Bill Clinton
1. I REMEMBER: being upset that I wasn't quite 18 yet and hence could not vote.
2. I WAS: in 12th grade.
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: Graduated High School, Started College, I lost my mom to the horrible consequences of diabetes, Truly committed my life to Christ, Grieved alongside my best friend when she lost her mom.

2000: George W. Bush
1. I REMEMBER: voting for the first time - yahoo!
2. I WAS: a senior in college.
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: Graduated College, Started my first teaching job, Was Baptized, Went on my first mission trip, Felt called to Missions, Moved to Louisville from Nashville, Started Seminary.

2004: George W. Bush
1. I REMEMBER: wondering if this would be my last election in the states or not.
2. I WAS: beginning seminary
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: Traveled to Jamaica, France, Peru, and Montana, Learned so much and grew so much in the LORD, Graduated Seminary, Got Married, Started teaching again.

14 October 2008

Using that Seminary Degree

So, while I do LOVE my teaching job - part of me does at times feel bad about not being in full-time ministry during this period of waiting until James' graduates and we can go overseas, Lord willing. Anyway, today I realized that I am putting that M.Div to good use afterall.

Exhibit A: The first graders actually ask some rather deep questions about theology. Granted, they don't exactly know they are asking deep theological questions, they're just curious and wanting to know. But today alone I answered questions related to the Total Depravity of Man, Inherent Sin, Inherent Guilt, Propitiation, etc... Now, I will say I didn't use those exact terms in my answers for if I had, the first graders would have been slightly confused, but it was a deeply theological discussion nonetheless.

Exhibit B: Last Friday, Eduardo and the crew weren't able to make it to ESL so James and I took to the streets. We went to various companies frequented by hispanics to hang up ESL fliers. In God's faithful providence, we were able to connect with a lady who is an apartment manager of a predominently hispanic apartment complex. We followed her to the complex and had a converstaion with a Cuban-American there who doesn't have a clear understanding of salvation by faith in Christ alone. Please pray for Raul as the Lord deals with his heart.

Exhibit C: Working at a Christian school I am surrounded by Christ-centered conversations daily, particularly among the teachers at lunch-time. I am praying for more opportunities to encourage my fellow believers towards biblical womanhood.

So, I don't feel so bad afterall - I believe God is using this season of my life to show me that ministry doesn't have to be necessarily a paid/full-time position, but it should be something that characterizes my life and flows from what I do. I am grateful to the Lord for his faithful instruction and leading me to understanding this.

25 September 2008

One month later ...

I can't believe I haven't posted in a month - geez.

1) Happy Birthday to my Sister, Sharon!

2) I am LOVING teaching 1st grade. God has blessed me with an incredibly sweet group of students - they are eager to learn, loads of fun, and sssoooo energetic - I LOVE it!

3) Life is good - thanks for stopping in :)