14 October 2008

Using that Seminary Degree

So, while I do LOVE my teaching job - part of me does at times feel bad about not being in full-time ministry during this period of waiting until James' graduates and we can go overseas, Lord willing. Anyway, today I realized that I am putting that M.Div to good use afterall.

Exhibit A: The first graders actually ask some rather deep questions about theology. Granted, they don't exactly know they are asking deep theological questions, they're just curious and wanting to know. But today alone I answered questions related to the Total Depravity of Man, Inherent Sin, Inherent Guilt, Propitiation, etc... Now, I will say I didn't use those exact terms in my answers for if I had, the first graders would have been slightly confused, but it was a deeply theological discussion nonetheless.

Exhibit B: Last Friday, Eduardo and the crew weren't able to make it to ESL so James and I took to the streets. We went to various companies frequented by hispanics to hang up ESL fliers. In God's faithful providence, we were able to connect with a lady who is an apartment manager of a predominently hispanic apartment complex. We followed her to the complex and had a converstaion with a Cuban-American there who doesn't have a clear understanding of salvation by faith in Christ alone. Please pray for Raul as the Lord deals with his heart.

Exhibit C: Working at a Christian school I am surrounded by Christ-centered conversations daily, particularly among the teachers at lunch-time. I am praying for more opportunities to encourage my fellow believers towards biblical womanhood.

So, I don't feel so bad afterall - I believe God is using this season of my life to show me that ministry doesn't have to be necessarily a paid/full-time position, but it should be something that characterizes my life and flows from what I do. I am grateful to the Lord for his faithful instruction and leading me to understanding this.

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