05 November 2008

Presidential Meme

Over at Making Home, Jess did a little meme about the various presidential elections she has lived through. I thought it was cool, so I've blatantly copied her :)

My thoughts on this election
I wish I could have voted for Obama. I really do - to be apart of the group that elected the first biracial president - how could would that have been - except for the fact that I couldn't vote for him. Why not? Not because he's biracial - that really means little to me, in fact it kinda excited me. Not because he's a democrat - I'm actually registered as a democrat! Why then? Simply because of his staunch pro-choice stance. You may say I'm making too much of one issue and perhaps I am ... but I like to think that had I lived in the 1960s I would have made too much of the one issue of segregation or had I lived in the 1920s I would have made too much of the one issue of women's suffrage... But that aside, Obama is now my president and I am commited to praying for him. Praying for him to have wisdom in guiding our country; praying for his safety; praying for the health of his marriage; praying for God to draw him close to him.

A Quick Review of the Elections of my Life

1980: Ronald Reagan
1. I REMEMBER: absolutely nothing
2. I WAS: 22 months old
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: My family moved from Merryville to Nashville, I learned to walk, started school, learned to read.

1984: Ronald Reagan
1. I REMEMBER: nothing, again
2. I WAS: in first grade
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: I got my ears pierced, learned to ride a bike, started attending Scottsboro First Baptist Church, celebrated when my sister got married, cried when my mom went into the hospital for the first time (of many) in my life.

1988: George HW Bush
1. I REMEMBER: not a lot, except that I thought Dukakis was a funny name - yeah I know, really mature :)
2. I WAS: in fourth grade
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: We moved to Jackson, then back to Nashville, Dad fell on the jobsite and was in the hospital, celebrated when my neice Angela was born, cried when my dog Bear Baby died.

1992: Bill Clinton
1. I REMEMBER: that our school held a mock election and I was on Ross Perot's team.
2. I WAS: in 8th grade
3. DURING THAT FOUR YEARS: I started driving, was horribly rebellious towards my parents, had my first two boyfriends (who each contributed to my rebelliousness), won the geography bee at school, stopped going to church (due to my rebelliousness), then returned to church (due to God's gracious pursuit of me).

1996: Bill Clinton
1. I REMEMBER: being upset that I wasn't quite 18 yet and hence could not vote.
2. I WAS: in 12th grade.
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: Graduated High School, Started College, I lost my mom to the horrible consequences of diabetes, Truly committed my life to Christ, Grieved alongside my best friend when she lost her mom.

2000: George W. Bush
1. I REMEMBER: voting for the first time - yahoo!
2. I WAS: a senior in college.
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: Graduated College, Started my first teaching job, Was Baptized, Went on my first mission trip, Felt called to Missions, Moved to Louisville from Nashville, Started Seminary.

2004: George W. Bush
1. I REMEMBER: wondering if this would be my last election in the states or not.
2. I WAS: beginning seminary
3. DURING THAT 4 YEARS: Traveled to Jamaica, France, Peru, and Montana, Learned so much and grew so much in the LORD, Graduated Seminary, Got Married, Started teaching again.

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