29 January 2009

Two and a Half Months Later

...so it's been a while.

Why? Well our neighbor, whom we shared wireless with moved and of course, took her wireless with her. Sadness for us. Though I must admit that not having the internet at home - I was able to get a lot more accomplished. It did however, make for some spur of the moment jaunts to Panera to partake of hot chocolate and free wifi there.

Now? We have new neighbors and are back to sharing wireless again. It stinks being poor and having to share, but whatcha going to do?

Since November:
-I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal: Turkey and all the trimmings.
-Shared Thanksgiving with our Cuban & Mexican friends.
-Spent the days before Christmas in WV with James' family.
-Spent Christmas itself in Louisville.
-Spent the days after Christmas in TN with my family.
-Heard James preach at my home church on New Years' Eve.
-Turned THIRTY! (crazy)
-Survived a bought with Salmonella. (no more pb for me)
-Currently cooped up in the house due to the Snow/Ice storm that has blanketed KY.

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