31 July 2008

Up for the Challenge

30 Day Husband-Encouragement Challenge.

So technically I'm on day three, but slightly behind on posting to brag about my sweet husband - oops!

Proverbs 31:11-12 "The heart of her husband safely trusts, so he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life."

It is my prayer and desire to be this kind of wife. Sadly I can say that in our 2 1/2 months married, I haven't consistently done this. I think being 29 and having lived on my own for 7 years has made me obstinant in many areas - ha! Sadly it truly is no laughing matter as marriage calls you to put away any selfish desires or independent thinking and truly think/live for the two of you. So I am intentionally seeking ways to do him good, to build more trust, to encourage him in all his endeavors, and to be more gentle.

Galatians 5:13b "Through love serve one another"

James is a master at loving me through service. Whether it's small things like opening the door, or bigger things like fixing my car - he is always eager to do things for me.

I Corinthians 13:4 "Love suffers long and is kind."
Philippians 4:19 "And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

James is very considerate of my needs, usually quite sensitive. He tries to be proactive in doing things that will help me and is always willing to help when I ask him to.


29 July 2008

27 July 2008

More Peru Prayer Requests

Pray that God will send other teams to minister and share the gospel with the people of Cuzco, Peru.

Praise God for the workd that he is doing among the people of Cuzco, Peru and the workd that is still to come.

Ask God to teach you ways to go, give, and share in mission opportunities in the future.

Pictures coming soon!

26 July 2008

Peru Prayer Request #14

The team is returning home! Pray for safe travel and opportunities for them to share about their trip.

25 July 2008

48 hours to go

In exactly 48 hours (hopefully) James will be home from Peru - yahoo!

I have to say that distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder, at least in my case! I have been terribly lonesome at home, even with keeping myself busy with cleaning and talking to friends on the phone - it's just not the same.

I do hope he's had a great time. I haven't heard from him since an email last weekend, but I know this week has been busy with ministry. Today he should be in Machu Picchu - I'm totally jealous! I'm looking forward to hearing all about the trip, what he's learned, and seeing how the Lord has used this time to grow him personally.

Thank you all so much for praying! Keep it up - when he returns, he has 2 weeks to finish all the assignments from the class and the assignments required for the Supervized Ministry Experience class - that equals one book review, three personal reflection journals, one ministry notebook, and any left over reading.

Peru Prayer Request #13

Pray for the team as they prepare to travel home. Ask God for safety, patience, and rest.

24 July 2008

New ESL Student

So last night was my first lesson with my new ESL student, MG.

She is adorably sweet and her English ... totally rocks. Last night we did a simple English evaluation then spent the rest of the time talking about Louisville, answering some of her questions about life in the USA, etc... I must seriously buff up my lesson plans and think of ways to challenge her - seriously, her English is that good!

Pray for me as I seek to teach and minister to her. Right now she's quite lonely - only been here a month and has zero friends. So it's a perfect opportunity to befriend her and hopefully share the gospel with her on top of helping her improve her (already excellent) English skills.

Woot Woot! I'm excited :)

Peru Prayer Request #12

Pray that God will strengthen and bless the church leaders and local believers and give them boldness in sharing his word.

23 July 2008


I've never been a reader - I've always loved books, but never could seem to finish one. All that changed once I started seminary as I forced to read books; actually finish them, I've really loved them.

Now that I've graduated and been out in the real world for 7 months, I've let my reading slack - sadness :(

James will start school in the fall I would like to help create an atmosphere condusive to studying for him. Therefore, I have decided to read again - if I'm reading that should motivate him to read and it will help me not to distract him with TV.

Our church has a women's book club and though I can't attend (due to teaching ESL) I thought it might be nice to following their monthly reading plan:

August - Biblical character
September - Women's Issues
October - Mystery/Adventure
November - Arts & Crafts
December - Biblical Commentary
Any book suggestions? Preferrably things that can be found at the local library as we'll be spending enough cash on his books for school. Thanks in advance!

Peru Prayer Request #11

Pray for the health of the team. Ask God for wisdom and boldness in sharing his message with the lost of Cuzco.

22 July 2008

Peru Prayer Request #10

Ask God to prepare the hearts of those that they will meet in sharing his word through storying.

21 July 2008

Tongue Twister

Ok, this is random ...

Our pastor's name is Tom
Our education minister's name is Todd

I used to occasionally mix up their names by accident.

Well, our minister of music John and his family recently left to take a church in Connecticut so we have a new interim music minister and his name ...


Yep, so our staff now includes: Tom, Todd, and Tog

I think they did this on purpose :)

Peru Prayer Request #9

Pray for the team as they go out to share through Chronological Bible Storying. Pray that they would not be nervous, but that they would be excited to share the hope found in our Savior.

20 July 2008

Peru Prayer Request #8

Pray for church services and church leaders. Ask God to bless their ministry among the people of Peru.

19 July 2008

Peru Prayer Request #7

Ask God to keep the team healthy and energized in order to effectively complete their tasks. Also pray for Dr. Sills as he leads the team. Ask God to bless the family members in the US and to keep them safe and healthy.

18 July 2008

Phone Call

Last night, James called from Peru. We only talked for 6 minutes as I have no idea how much receiving an international phone call on our cell phone will cost. But it was soooo good to hear his voice.

He's loving it in Peru, which makes me very happy as I loved it when I was there last summer! He's learning a lot, not only about Chronological Bible Storying, but also about personal holiness, sanctification, and the immense task that is before all Christians.

Next week, they begin going out into the villages to share their stories. They are in groups of three, with each group sharing three stories. They will tell the story in English and then it will be translated twice: first into spanish, then into quechuan. Pray for them as they go out.

Specific Prayer Requests:
One teammate in particular is having some health issues - so please pray for that person. Two other teammates are having some personality conflicts - so pray for them as well. Above all, pray for receptive hearts as they hear the stories of God.

Peru Prayer Request #6

Pray that the light of the gospel will penetrate the darkness of false religion. Ask God to give the team opportunities to share his love and message of salvation.

17 July 2008

While the cat's away ....

.... the mice will play.

Well, that's the cliche at least. And I have to say that I have been keeping myself busy while James has been out of town. I've been helping out at my old roomie's VBS all this week, which has actually been a ton of fun - 5th graders are cool :)

On tap for this weekend - maybe a quick trip to Nashville, though with gas prices at $4.20/gallon, I'm reconsidering that idea. I may just stay home and clean and organize (which is desperately needed)

You know how most houses have a junk drawer - growing up, ours was in the kitchen ... well in our apartment the guest bedroom has become the junk room. Everything from random wedding gifts we're not sure where to put, to old clothes we no longer wear, to boxes and boxes and boxes of James' belongings. I seriously want to get this room clean and organized before he comes back. After all, we have friends coming in August that will need a place to stay :) So that's what's on tap for next week.

The first few nights he was gone, I had trouble sleeping. More trouble sleeping when he's away than when he's here and randomly talking in his sleep! Two nights this week I've fallen asleep in the living room in front of the TV, to wake up hours later with weird stuff on the set. I need James here to tell me to take my contacts out and go to bed! Oh and I haven't had a home-cooked meal this entire week - in fact I haven't even eaten at home once this entire week. Granted that's mainly b/c I'm up in Indiana at Colgate every night for VBS, but it has taught me that marriage has made me a healthier eater.

P.S. Today is our 2 month anniversary. I snuck a hand-made card in his luggage - I wonder if he's found it and will read it today :)

Peru Prayer Request #5

Pray for wisdom, comfort, and blessings for the IMB missionaries in this region of the world. Ask God to bless their ministry and protect them as they share his love with the lost of Peru.

16 July 2008

Peru Prayer Request #4

Pray for the pople of Cuzco. Ask God to prepare their hearts to hear his story and the message of salvation.

15 July 2008

So, since I have the evening free anyway ....

I'm starting a new part-time job.

Two hours, two evenings a week I will teach ESL to a sweet lady from Mexico, who actually lives down the road from James and I. Hopefully I'll help her adjust to life here in Louisville and strengthen per proficiency in English.

It is my prayer that God will use this opportunity not only to help her, but to also improve my ESL teaching skills, to better my spanish, and for an opportunity to share the gospel.

I praise God for this opportunity not only to serve and learn, but to also make a little extra money for our monthly budget. Yay for his provision!

Peru Prayer Request #3

Pray for Dr. Sills as he teaches the storying class. Pray also for the team that they will understand the significance of this class and apply it later in the trip.

14 July 2008

Peru Prayer Request #2

As the team arrives, ask God to help them to adjust quickly and to get the rest needed for the upcoming tasks.

13 July 2008

Peru Prayer Request #1

So, James left today for a two-week mission trip to Peru. The GCC at school created this prayer calendar and I wanted to share it with you.

The prayers for today are:

Pray for the safe travel and sensitiveity to the Holy Spirit as we encounter others. Pray that God will prepare the hearts of the people of Peru, to hear His word.

Team Members to Pray for:
Dr. Sills, Jim, Anthony, Bethany, Aaron, Rhonda, Lisa, Julie, David, Emily, Mike, Grant, Julie W., and James.

11 July 2008

What I did today

wore all black
created a cow mask from a paper plate
donned a "eat mor chikin" sign
GOT FREE CHIC-FIL-A for lunch!
And ... I even talked my boss at work into doing it too!

04 July 2008

Happy Independence Day

Today as we celebrate the freedom we enjoy in the USA - I am reminded that my true freedom comes from the freedom I have in my dear Savior, Jesus Christ.

John 8:30-36
As He was saying these things, many believed in Him. So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed Him, "If you continue in My word, you really are My disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
"We are descendants of Abraham," they answered Him, "and we have never been enslaved to anyone. How can You say, 'You will become free'?"
Jesus responded, " I assure you: Everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin. A slave does not remain in the household forever, but a son does remain forever. Therefore if the Son sets you free, you really will be free.

02 July 2008

Newlyweds - 46 days - Things are looking up

Things are turning around:

The auto shop called to say I had a busted brake line. Total cost for them fixing it would be $170. I was thinking "GREAT" but James was like "WHAT?" Apparently this is something James can fix and the part is only $40 so YAY for marrying a man who can work on cars!

Newlyweds - 46 days - Not so much a good day

One of my co-workers at work has strep throat. Apparently another co-worker has been feeling ill for a few days and working anyway - yeah thanks. Last night I had a HUGE headache and a slight fever - no throat soreness, so maybe I'm in the clear?

This morning, the brakes on my car died. They'd been bad for a while, but I had ZERO brakes this morning when I was trying to leave for work. So, James brought me to work ... a non-sick co-worker is graciously driving me home and my sweet Honda is now sitting at Huestis' Auto Shop awaiting diagnosis. It is our prayer that it's not a serious thing, preferrably one that's cheap since we're poor!

Good News : James found his passport today. Yep, silly boy misplaced it in the whole wedding/moving thing and has been on a desperate hunt to find it as he departs for Peru in exactly 11 days!

01 July 2008

Happy Birthday Mary

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Mary

Happy Birthday to you

In honor of Mary's birthday, here are 29 things we love about her:

1. She loves Jesus :)
2. She loves to laugh.
3. She loves her brother, James a ton!
4. In addition to loving him, she likes to pick on her brother, which makes me very happy.
5. She has a heart to serve others.
6. She loves Keith, her husband a lot.
7. She's a proud "Marine Daughter".
8. She desires to share the gospel with those around her.
9. She's as short as I am - sorry, Mary but that makes he love you all the more!
10. She has fabulous red hair - oo la la
11. She's a good friend.
12. She's thoughtful - like the sweet scrapbook she made for James & I for our wedding shower.
13. She reads my blog - look you're famous!
14. She loves her local church.
15. She's happy to be my new sister :)
16. She helped make the flowers for our wedding - which were gorgeous by the way.
17. She's a fantastic aunt to Devon.
18. She prays for us. (we pray for you too!)
19. She's excited about our future in missions.
20. She seems to truly enjoy life.
21. She's got mad Scene-It skills!
22. She writes me emails, which I adore.
23. She once drove 6 hours to be with her brother on Thanksgiving.
24. She has a great sense of humor.
25. She takes good care of her family - Proverbs 31 :)
26. She teaches the children at church to love Jesus.
27. She's been sweet to me ever since she first met me, even though I was nervous about meeting the family. Thanks for taking it easy on me :)
28. If she weren't my sister-in-law, I'd choose her to be my friend.
29. Today is her birthday and everyone deserves love on their b'day!!!

Mary - we hope today is great! We love you and miss you!
Come visit us ANYTIME!!!

Ahh, sibling love :)