17 July 2008

While the cat's away ....

.... the mice will play.

Well, that's the cliche at least. And I have to say that I have been keeping myself busy while James has been out of town. I've been helping out at my old roomie's VBS all this week, which has actually been a ton of fun - 5th graders are cool :)

On tap for this weekend - maybe a quick trip to Nashville, though with gas prices at $4.20/gallon, I'm reconsidering that idea. I may just stay home and clean and organize (which is desperately needed)

You know how most houses have a junk drawer - growing up, ours was in the kitchen ... well in our apartment the guest bedroom has become the junk room. Everything from random wedding gifts we're not sure where to put, to old clothes we no longer wear, to boxes and boxes and boxes of James' belongings. I seriously want to get this room clean and organized before he comes back. After all, we have friends coming in August that will need a place to stay :) So that's what's on tap for next week.

The first few nights he was gone, I had trouble sleeping. More trouble sleeping when he's away than when he's here and randomly talking in his sleep! Two nights this week I've fallen asleep in the living room in front of the TV, to wake up hours later with weird stuff on the set. I need James here to tell me to take my contacts out and go to bed! Oh and I haven't had a home-cooked meal this entire week - in fact I haven't even eaten at home once this entire week. Granted that's mainly b/c I'm up in Indiana at Colgate every night for VBS, but it has taught me that marriage has made me a healthier eater.

P.S. Today is our 2 month anniversary. I snuck a hand-made card in his luggage - I wonder if he's found it and will read it today :)

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