18 July 2008

Phone Call

Last night, James called from Peru. We only talked for 6 minutes as I have no idea how much receiving an international phone call on our cell phone will cost. But it was soooo good to hear his voice.

He's loving it in Peru, which makes me very happy as I loved it when I was there last summer! He's learning a lot, not only about Chronological Bible Storying, but also about personal holiness, sanctification, and the immense task that is before all Christians.

Next week, they begin going out into the villages to share their stories. They are in groups of three, with each group sharing three stories. They will tell the story in English and then it will be translated twice: first into spanish, then into quechuan. Pray for them as they go out.

Specific Prayer Requests:
One teammate in particular is having some health issues - so please pray for that person. Two other teammates are having some personality conflicts - so pray for them as well. Above all, pray for receptive hearts as they hear the stories of God.

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