01 July 2008

Happy Birthday Mary

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Mary

Happy Birthday to you

In honor of Mary's birthday, here are 29 things we love about her:

1. She loves Jesus :)
2. She loves to laugh.
3. She loves her brother, James a ton!
4. In addition to loving him, she likes to pick on her brother, which makes me very happy.
5. She has a heart to serve others.
6. She loves Keith, her husband a lot.
7. She's a proud "Marine Daughter".
8. She desires to share the gospel with those around her.
9. She's as short as I am - sorry, Mary but that makes he love you all the more!
10. She has fabulous red hair - oo la la
11. She's a good friend.
12. She's thoughtful - like the sweet scrapbook she made for James & I for our wedding shower.
13. She reads my blog - look you're famous!
14. She loves her local church.
15. She's happy to be my new sister :)
16. She helped make the flowers for our wedding - which were gorgeous by the way.
17. She's a fantastic aunt to Devon.
18. She prays for us. (we pray for you too!)
19. She's excited about our future in missions.
20. She seems to truly enjoy life.
21. She's got mad Scene-It skills!
22. She writes me emails, which I adore.
23. She once drove 6 hours to be with her brother on Thanksgiving.
24. She has a great sense of humor.
25. She takes good care of her family - Proverbs 31 :)
26. She teaches the children at church to love Jesus.
27. She's been sweet to me ever since she first met me, even though I was nervous about meeting the family. Thanks for taking it easy on me :)
28. If she weren't my sister-in-law, I'd choose her to be my friend.
29. Today is her birthday and everyone deserves love on their b'day!!!

Mary - we hope today is great! We love you and miss you!
Come visit us ANYTIME!!!

Ahh, sibling love :)

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