02 July 2008

Newlyweds - 46 days - Not so much a good day

One of my co-workers at work has strep throat. Apparently another co-worker has been feeling ill for a few days and working anyway - yeah thanks. Last night I had a HUGE headache and a slight fever - no throat soreness, so maybe I'm in the clear?

This morning, the brakes on my car died. They'd been bad for a while, but I had ZERO brakes this morning when I was trying to leave for work. So, James brought me to work ... a non-sick co-worker is graciously driving me home and my sweet Honda is now sitting at Huestis' Auto Shop awaiting diagnosis. It is our prayer that it's not a serious thing, preferrably one that's cheap since we're poor!

Good News : James found his passport today. Yep, silly boy misplaced it in the whole wedding/moving thing and has been on a desperate hunt to find it as he departs for Peru in exactly 11 days!


Anonymous said...

Do u guys know of a good couples devotional John and I just got married on June the 16th and we are looking for a bible study to do together???

Melissa & James said...

Hey Anon -

Good Couples Devotions ...

We received as a wedding gift,
Devotions for Couples by Dennis & Barbara Rainey - it's good, some of the stuff is kinda shallow, but it's a good place to start.

Though honestly, the best times together we've had is when we're simply studying God's Word together - just reading it together and talking about it - no specific "devotion" book.

Meanwhile, here are some great books for her & him individually:

For Her:
Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney
The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

For Him:
Water of the Word by Andrew Case
The Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott

Check out the Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood for more resources: www.cbmw.org

Hope this helps! Melissa :)