28 April 2008

19 Days ... BUSY BUSY Week

I'm really not looking forward to this week, mostly because I know it will be busy and physically exhausting.

This morning, I had an interview to being teaching again the fall. They are considering me for the 6th grade position and if the pay and benefits are right, I think I would really enjoy teaching there. I should know something by the end of next week, so we're still praying.

Tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment. Not really that big of a deal, but just something else to add to this week.

Wednesday, after work it's a fun-filled evening of packing up my room! Yahoo! Wanna help?

Thursday begins early as James and I sign the lease on our new apartment and fork over the rent. Then we pick up the U-Haul, our new bed from the Peddler's Mall, drag all my belongings into the new apartment, then snatch some of his stuff. Our goal is to be finished before 7pm, when he has Philosophy class... here's hoping!

Friday, get marriage license on lunch break, buy his wedding ring after work before ESL.

Then the weekend should be full of unpacking and organizing and such. Seriously, if you wanna help let me know-ha!

24 April 2008

23 Days - God-sightings

When I worked with Mission Discovery in Mexico, Jamaica and TN for so many summers, one of the things I looked forward to most during team worship was the "God-sightings" time. This was when we shared with one another different experiences, situations that were evidence of God's grace in our lives.

I have heard that planning a wedding is extremely stressful. My sweet friend, Dr. Jennifer even prescribed me special immunity-booster, stress-buster vitamins so I wouldn't get sick from the stress I would experience in wedding planning. While there have been moments of indecision, frustration; I must confess that overall, it has been relatively stress-less!

Presently we have 23 days until 5/17/08 ... and as I reflect over the past five months of engagement, I have seen over and over again how God has graciously blessed James and I. Enjoy this list of God's grace and goodness:

  • My dad, cooperative??? My dad hates getting dressed up, he despises formal events and I was honestly worried about how to convince him to get in a suit with a red tie/vest...but PRAISE GOD, he has been so cooperative.
  • 6pm wedding! While this wasn't my first choice as far as time of the day, it will accomodate my sister's family's schedule as they attend my nephew's 8th grade graduation that morning then jet north to L'ville for the wedding. God has graced my sister with an uncanny gift of flexibility and boy do I greatly appreciate that! Normally PBC doesn't allow wedding after 3pm due to cleaning and setting up for church in the morning, but they have graciously relaxed that rule for James and I. So, while this will make for a long evening, it will make for a more relaxing Saturday morning!
  • Showers, showers, showers. God has blessed James and I over and over again through the amazing generosity of our friends and family. We have had two showers thus far: Nashville and WV and this weekend we have the one with our church. We have received so many practical gifts, sentimental items, and encouraging notes and I have felt so loved!
  • Yummy cake. Wedding cakes typically cost between $2 and $3 per slice! Yes, per slice! Meaning for 100 people, we're looking at a $200-$300 cake. But THANKS BE TO GOD for Melissa at my church. She LOVES baking and has a true knack for decorating as well and is providing our cake for free! It's sure to be yummy and beautiful.
  • The Body of Christ. I can't brag on our church enough. It has been rare that I have observed the body of Christ rally around a couple in blessings, encouragement, and true service as they have for James and I. From the shower planned this weekend, to the use of the facilites for free nonetheless, to the wonderful counseling Bro. Tom has provided, to the gift of so many friends. They have welcomed James into the church family with open arms which has made my heart very happy. They provide a place of service for us in ESL and for me through the youth department and have even agreed to help support James' mission trip to Peru this summer. What a blessing they are !!

It is my prayer that God keeps my eyes open to how he is working all this out for me, as it has truly been He not I who has accomplished all of this so far. I know I have the tendency to forget God's blessings, particularly in times of struggle so I hope that by writing these down they will not only encourage you but serve as accountability for me to praise God for his blessings!

Be careful and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

Deuteronomy 4:9

22 April 2008


Can I just say that I hate moving. I hate everything about it. The only redeeming quality is the joy of decorating a new place. In 9 short days I will be moving into what will be James' and I's apartment. We're renting a UHaul and going to do the move ourself because we're poor :( But it'll all come together. In the meantime, between still finalizing various wedding details, I'm packing my life in Jeffersonville into boxes. Currently the count is at 5 boxes containing all my seminary textbooks, picture frames, and trinkets from overseas.

In non-moving news, I'm only 3 episodes away from being completely caught up on my LOST addiction. It really is a sickness, but I'm hooked and well it's just sooo good!

18 April 2008


So, I woke up to an earthquake this morning! Apparently there was a a 5.2 earthquake about 120 west of Louisville and we felt the tremors here this morning at 5:37am. Wild, huh? My alarm had just went off so I was in that weird state of awake/sleep/dream when my bed started shaking. I remember thinking, "this is weird" as I just lay there. When it was over, I hopped up and met the roomies in the hallway to looks of "What was that?" The next hour or so was spent surfing various news channels on TV to find out more details. I called James to alert him, concerned that since he has no TV he might not know what happened. Seems as though the silly boy slept through the whole thing--ha! Thankfully thus far, it appears there are no injuries and very little damage.

It is a startling, yet wonderful, reminder of God's control over nature. The same God who created this world, permits it to be shook and this should prompt us to praise Him and be in awe of his power.

The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness,
The Lord shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.
Psalm 29.8

15 April 2008

Exercise Progress

So, recently I've been exercising...shocking right? You're telling me!

It began with laughing my way through "Walk away the Pounds" with the roomie. It has now evolved into walking between 1 and 1.5 miles just about every day. Usually I do a 1 mile jaunt down at the park during my lunch break from work. Sometimes I walk the 1.5 mile loop through the neighborhood behind the apartments. Either way, I'm pretty proud of my consistency in working out recently ... and I've actually lost 3 pounds since beginning-yahoo!

08 April 2008

Long Over Due Pictures #3 -- WV Shower

James' sister and I.

Check out the boy cleaning!

My new boyfriend, Devin.

James' family worked so hard decorating everything!

Check out this cake from Mrs. Patterson:

We played a "How Well does Melissa know James" game. For every question I answered incorrectly, I had to chew a piece of NASTY gum. I hate gum. But I am proud to say I got 11/20 correct...that's good, right? Geesh.

Us with Mrs. Phyllis, Mama Sue & Susie, all from James' home church.
Us with James' family.

Long Over Due Pictures #2 -- Nashville Shower

Carrie aka "Betty Crocker" created this delicious spread.
Toilet Paper Bride Game:

My sister won! Check out that sweetheart neckline and assymetrical hem. My aunts Ann & Sissy know how to make a dress!
Sadly, my friends Sherry & Zshanee weren't so good at dress making. Check out that headband, bow and VERY short dress-ha!
My cousin Vonnie had the most scandalous dress-it had a completely open midriff and just a swipe of TP across her bottom.

My inital reaction to the beginning of "The Talk"

Long Over Due Pictures #1 -- SNOW

This winter in Kentuckiana has been one snowy winter wonderland for this TN girl! Check out these pictures from our 'blizzard' of about 8 inches back in March.
Rachel-don't fall in!

04 April 2008

43 Days ... Approved

Today we got the official word that we are approved for the apartment! Yahoo! It's a serious relief to know that we won't be living in our cars down by the river. Now, contemplating packing and moving--yucky. We'll think about that later. :)

We leave tonight promptly after work and a quick stop at the bank to deposit the lovely paycheck for our shower in WV on Saturday! 6 hours in the car ... joyful. We'll be back Sunday night and I promise to post pictures of all the shower festivities.

02 April 2008


10 Years Ago:
1998-I was 19 yeras old and in the spring semester of my freshman year at TSU. This is Wednesday afternoon, so by this time I was probably already finished with classes for the day and back home. I was studying Elementary Education, focusing in Childhood Growth & Development. Most likely I spent most of the day hanging out with Zshanee between classes, then doing homework when I got home. Dad and I were probably still heavily grieving Mom's passing in the fall of 1997.

Things on My To Do List Today:
(Other than working)
1. Drop wedding dress off at tailor's to be altered.
2. Tan after work.
3. Start writing thank you cards for my Nashville shower.
4. Finish stuffing wedding invitations for James' family/friends.
5. Finalize packing list for WV shower this weekend.

What Would I Do If I Suddenly Became a Billionaire?
1. Praise God!
2. Give a tenth to PBC.
3. Pay off James' student loans.
4. Head overseas right after the wedding ... how needs the IMB when you could be a self-funded missionary?!

3 of My Bad Habits:
1. I often sleep in my contacts, which makes the opthamologist cringe. Usually this lasts about 3 nights then my eyes are so dry and scratchy that I have to take them out to give them a rest.
2. I get seriously moody at night when I'm sleepy. It's bad, I'm praying about it.
3. I am addicted to celebrity news- People.com, EOnline.com ... it's gossip, it's bad, I'm praying about that as well.

Last 5 Jobs I've Had:
1. AMCC-callback girl. When you buy a home and see things that are wrong, you call me!
2. UMS-Skiptracing Specialist. Tracking down people who are trying to skip out on their library debts and kick them in the shins...just kidding, call them and gently remind them to pay the library their dues.
3. Ms. K-whatever she said. Scrapbooking, Filing, Writing checks for bills ... you name it and I did it.
4. PACS-Kindergarten Teacher, try to teach 5 year olds how to read and count and such between wiping noses, zipping zippers, and solving all the world's problems with the application of a character Band-Aid.
5. JTS-you know that store in the country that boasts videos, tanning, BBQ ... basically all in one entertainment stop? Yeah, I worked at one of those. Fun Times!

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me:
1. I am actually 5 foot even. Not 5'1", Not 4'11" but 5' exactly and proud!
2. I used to bite my fingernails. Seriously it was gross, I'm talking bitten down to the quick, fingers were bleed gross. Then my aunt told me that if you swallow fingernails your body can't digest them and they get stored in your appendix and that's why appendixes burst! YIKES! So I stopped, now I forget to cut them and end up with crazy sharp knife like weapons on each hand!
3. I've been interviewed on TV twice:

Once for my 5th birthday, my dad, grandpa, and two uncles thought it would be a good idea to take me to be in the audience of the Morning Show with Ralph Emery-local NBC news show. Not so fun part was that the show started at 5AM so we had to be up and ready and leave by 4:30AM. Ralph interviewed me because it was my birthday.

Second in 2nd grade. Again on the local NBC station, this time the evening news (finally they figured out I'm not a morning person!) The news station had this contest where they had kids write in about why their teacher was special and each month they picked a kid's essay and gave the class a party and the teacher a special gift. I wrote about Mrs. Taylor (still my favorite teacher) and she won! Our class got an ice cream party and Mrs. Taylor and I got to be on TV.

4. I can do weird things with my body. I can flare my nostrils, wiggle my ears, and stand on my head for a ridicuously long period of time. That's what you learn to do when you're the only child at home.
5. I can't sit Indian style. Yep I can't do it ... I tried, it hurts, not gonna do it again.