17 June 2008

One more Month Anniversray Post

I thought it would be fun to list some interesting things (10 to be exact) that I've learned about James in our first month of marriage:

1. He talks in his sleep - A LOT!

I was originally worried that his snoring would keep me awake, but apparently he only snores when he's sick (Thank Jesus!) BUT...the boys talks, randomly in his sleep. Weird stuff too!

One day he asked me what I was doing with those plants. "What plants?" I asked half-asleep. "Huh, what?" he responded "You asked me what I was doing with the plants - what are you talking about?" at this point I was awake and irritated as it was an ungodly hour "I don't know" he said then fell back to sleep.

Also randomly in the middle of the night he'll tell me he loves me -- though it wakes me up which annoys me, I love it!

2. He's happy when he wakes up.

I am usually like "Ugh" when I get up out of bed and he's like "Good Morning, I love you." At first this annoyed me because it's like 6:00 AM - it is NOT "good" morning at 6:00 am, but I've grown to enjoy his chipperness.

3. He folds his socks funny.

It's actually not a fold, but more like a knot. He ties his two socks together - strange!

4. Cereal does not qualify as a good breakfast for him.

For the girl who rarely even eats breakfast (though I LOVE breakfast food), I've learned to serve him by preparing an actual breakfast on Saturdays - not simply a bowl of cereal. Last week - chocolate chip (well, acutally Hershey Kisses) pancakes and bacon - yummy :)

5. He can make the bed, but has yet to master putting the seat down.

In my effort to civilize the boy, I believe I may have possibly trained him into making the bed each day - been a week so far :) The toilet seat - a whole 'nother battle.

6. He is meticulous!

I thought I already knew this about him, but now that we actually live together and see each other every day, I have realized that I didn't know the half of it! Putting our apartment together, organizing, cleaning, hanging stuff on the wall, etc...the boy is so detail-oriented when it comes to "fix-it" kinda stuff. I'm more of the "Oh this'll do OK" girl but he makes sure it's done perfectly right, even if it takes what I think is FOREVER. I am grateful for his attention to detail - it helps balance out my work fast, faster, fastest tendencey.

7. He doesn't know how to turn off the smoke detector

Confession - yes, I have set off the smoke detector with my cooking. But funny part is that James couldn't get it to go off. No matter how he pushed and prodded the thing -- BBBBEEEEEEPPPP it continued to go! I had to go get my step ladder and do it myself - hee hee! I think he's figured it out now, though.

8. He doesn't like fresh tomatoes, but will eat stewed tomatoes.

A tomatoe is a tomatoe right? What's the difference?

9. He appreciates good food.

When I do cook a good meal - which surprisingly happens quite frequently - he is sure to verbally express how much he likes it. From "hmmm" to "yumm" to "this is good" - I know when the food is good. On the flip side, silence while eating usually means it's not the best - oops!

10. He is a better husband that I had originally imaged he would be.

He is patient and kind towards me, particularly when I've had a stressful day at work. He is supportive, particularly in my search for a different job. He works hard, as evidenced when he comes home at 10pm sweaty from working that evening. He hugs me a lot, which makes me happy. He desires to serve others and is always willing to lend a hand. He prays with me at night and forgives me when I fall asleep as he prays - oops! He helps me study for my Sunday School lesson and brings out insights I hadn't thought of (BTW - he's starting to teach the Middle School boys so we'll get to minister together some more - yahoo!) He likes my dad which is an accomplishment on its own - he treats him with a great amount of respect and listens to him even when it's the same story we heard last time we visited. He's great!

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