10 June 2008

Honeymoon Pictures

James and I wisely decided to go on a honeymoon a week after our big day. This allowed us to rest a bit and get some stuff put away at the apartment so we could enjoy being away without thinking about all the stuff to do at home. We spent three days in Northern KY/Cincinnati.

We stayed at the First Farm Inn - and had a great time! We fished. Well, James fished as he caught like half a dozen fishies, not sure what I did could be defined as fishing, but I did catch one! We caught a Reds game. We went to the Creation Museum, the Krohn Conservatory at Eden Park and saw the Butterfly Show. Then before we left for home, we went horseback riding , which I loved!

Creation Museum Highlights:

The Apostle Paul
Adam & Eve, note the strategic placement of hair - ha!


First Farm Inn

James and the house dog, Fluffy!
They became fast friends - Fluffy followed him everywhere! The main house - beautiful, isn't it?!
I love hammocks!
I LOVED being out in the country, made me miss home!

Krohn Conservatory

Now, I love butterflies,
but if this monster flew towards me, I'd be scared -
it was as big as James' hand!

Reds Game

Horseback Riding

Not this kind, silly - though we did have fun on the "horse swing" while we waited for Mrs Jen to go round up the horses from the other side of the pasture.
Me & Sage - please ignore the hat hair on my part! Who knew riding caps would make your head sweat that much! Sage was a great horse! I got him up to a canter, which is faster than a trot - it was great!
James & Sam. Sam was one ornery horse. Mrs Jen put James on him because she said he usually did better with guys, but not so much with James. James would give him the "walk" command and Sam would literally look at him then start eating grass - ha!
James doing carrot stretches with Sam.

Thanks for popping in and we'll more updates soon!

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