19 June 2008

Newlyweds - 33 days

Now that I am an old married woman, I'm becoming domesticated.

Gone are the evenings when a frozen waffle and handful of M&Ms are considered dinner! In an effort to be a good wife - to keep a clean home, cook good food, etc... I've found blogs that have aided in my sanctification in striving to be a godly wife.

Here are a list of links I've found useful. I thought I'd share them with you - they are each chock full of useful information, time saving tips, etc....

Girl Talk Blog - These girls talk about everything! From recipes to schedules to encouraging your husband ...
The Perfect Pantry - cool cooking sight - it's inspired me to be more creative and organized in the kitchen.
Femina - this lady is so wise and has great insights on being a wife, cooking, children, etc...
Revive our Hearts - I heart Nancy Leigh DeMoss! Here daily telecasts are quite encouraging - right now she's finishing up the book of Esther - encouraging women to be God's woman in God's timing - to remember that God is in control of EVERYTHING! We all need to be reminded of that from time to time.
101 Cookbooks - Self-explanatory!

If you've got some sites that have been helpful to you - feel free to comment below and share the love!

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