31 March 2008

Shower #1 - NashVegas Style

So this weekend was my first bridal shower in my hometown!

So, I learned a few things about ...

My family -

THEY ARE LOUD! When I arrived at Jennifer's (maid of honor and shower hostess) she met me in the garage and with a firm look said "Get in here and get your family under control, they are all loud, look exactly alike and I don't know their names." Turns out my family all showed up at 1:25 though the shower didn't start until 2 and they promptly began asking Jennifer questions: Where is Melissa, When is she getting married, Where, Who is James, etc.. etc...

They don't play by the rules! Not only did only 2 out of 9 of them RSVP apparently they don't know how to use a gift registry either. Evidenced by the fact that I now have two identical crock pots, two identical George Foremans.

They are REALLY sweet. My cousin Vonnie made me a quilt block. It is of a Dutch Girl, our mawmaw's favorite pattern. What's extra cool about this is that the Dutch girl herself is made from scraps from our mawmaw's old dresses. Way cool. Though it will match absolutely nothing in my entire apartment, it will be prominently displayed once I find a cool frame that prevents it from fading.

Kay will embarass you, badly.

First, Kay's gift was a decanter for water for the nightstand for after. After what? FOR AFTER ... yeah you got it. It's Kay's typical gift for a wedding shower, and I've always been grossed out by it. Now I too have a beautiful cut crystal one for our nightstand.

After the shower was over and my loud family left, Kay sat me in a chair across the room from herself, Patty, Sherry, Brittany, Jennifer & Carrie--all ladies who are/have been married and from my home church (though some don't attend now). Kay apparently had orchestrated this event and Sherry was tagged to give me the talk. Yep, a sex talk from six church ladies. Quite mortifying and hilarious all at the same time.

Check back later for pictures of all the pandemoneium.

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