21 March 2008

Why I believe in Christ ...

I just want to share with anyone who may be reading this blog, why it is that I trust in Christ alone as my savior.

1. Creation. Growing up I learned "The Big Bang Theory", the theory of evolution, etc... but there were just too many holes. The design and order of this world, even with all the things that go so wrong at times, screams the fact that there must have been a designer behind the design.
2. My own body. There is no medical reason why I should be able to walk and move around--none at all. I've been to the doctors, I've studied Anatomy and Physiology. There's just no explaining it. Must be the work of one stronger than science, one stronger than the weakensses of my own flesh and blood.
3. The witness of others. I didn't come from a "christian" family. There were no prayers said at my home ... there were no hymns sung ... no Bible read. However, for some reason I have been surrounded my believers my entire life. My parents saw it fit to drop me off at church each Sunday once I started school-perhaps it was out of guilt, perhaps it was free daycare. Whatever the reason, at a very early age I began hearing and listening to the testimony of believers who had a relationship with Christ. Now these believers aren't perfect and many of them have lived a very flawed life. However, one thing remains constant--their faith in Christ.
4. The Bible. The Bible tells us that we are all sinners. News flash, huh?! I remember being a very young girl and understanding very well that I was a sinner. How could I not? As much as I got in trouble, and my parents didn't know half of what I did or even worse-what I thought. Look at the newspapers-murders, rape, theft. Look at your own heart. Even if you are for the most part a "Good Person" you sin as well. Whether thinking bad thoughts, displaying a bad attitude, or just not doing all the good you could do. We are all sinners. The Bible tells us that our sin must be punished with death. We will all die -- that is a fact no one can deny. After death comes judgment. It is at this judgment that it will be determined who will be dead eternally or who will live eternally. The Bible tells us that Christ paid the debt of our sins--he died in my place, as my sacrifice, my atonement, my substitute. The Bible tells me to trust in Christ as my Savior. I can't be good enough to earn God's approval. I'm a sinner who is bound for death. Yet there is hope in Christ. God allows us to trust in His son-he gives us the faith to do so.

It is my prayer that this Resurrection season, that you prayerfully consider who Christ is and what relationship you have with Him.


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