03 March 2008

75 Days - A weekend home and brake work

I had a wonderful time in Nashville this weekend. Woke up bright and early Saturday morning and drove straight to my sister's house to take my neice shopping for her bridesmaid dress. David's Bridal was rather chaotic, but she has it narrowed down to two dresses, both of which she looked gorgeous in! After dress shopping, we headed to Academy Sports so she could get new volleyball shoes and boy was she excited. I mean girls typically are excited about new shoes, but new volleyball shoes! Then I spent a couple of hours at my sister's house playing with my nephew Woovens while Sharon & Chuck slept, Angela did homework and Andrew played video games. It was a great time!
Then I drove down to Scottsboro to spent the rest of my time in Nashville with Marvin and Kay. We had a great time-just relaxing together and catching up on each other's lives. Marvin's getting a new boat! How exciting!
Then when I got home on Sunday and headed to school to change cars with James (He asked me to drive his car since it is more reliable) I found my sweet guy all covered in grease and grim. Apparently my brakes were leaking brake fluid and Pep Boys wanted $70 in labor plus parts to correct the leak. James was industrious and did it himself. So, I treated him to some great fried chicken at Cracker Barrell. I hated seeing him work so hard, getting so dirty with my old car-but he was more than willing-stating, "If all the baggage you come with is an old car with bad brakes, I can handle taht." He's too kind to me!

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