29 February 2008

78 Days-Romance

So, James is uber-sweet. Today he surprised me by showing up at 5:00 just as I was getting off work and taking me to get Graeter's ice cream-yummy! In addition, he handed me a very creative card he made himself-the perfect combination of romance, kindness and well cheesiness-I LOVED IT! James is very romantic and always takes extra time to do special things for me to make me feel loved.

It is my hope and prayer as we look forward to being married in 78 days that I too will be proactive in being romantic towards him. Here are some snippets from Love that Lasts, chapter seven on the purpose of romance in marriage:

"Romance is to be continually practiced, like an art. The basic tools that you asa budding artist must bring to your bring to your craft include a heart of humility, a spirit of servanthood, a biblical understanding of marriage, and a fervent desire to know and love your spouse as consistently and creatively as possible."

"The goal of marriage is to train your attractions, affections, and desires to fit only one person."
"Romance to us simply means communicating - in as many consistent creativeways as we can - that our spouse is the most important, precious, desirable person we will ever know."
"God's ultimate purpose for romance is the same as his purpose for marriage:to bring himself glory, and to bring us blessing, and to demonstrate theremarkable relationship between Christ and the Church."
Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it.
Song of Solomon 8:7

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