18 February 2008

Picnics, Dead Poets Society, Viruses, & Mean Girls

Happy Valentines' Day!

So, this was my first real Valentines Day with a loved one. Well actually, I did have one Valentines Day with a boyfriend in High School but I like to block out that period of my life!

James and I didn't get to spend a lot of time together on Valentines Day itself as I worked all day and he had class until 10:00pm. However, he did come to my office at lunch and we had a indoor picnic! He is so sweet-bringing me flowers, candy and fun Valentines' socks (I LOVE fun socks). He was supposed to call me after his class got out, but instead surprised me by showing up at the apartment. And in his sweet nature, brought small flower bouquets for my roomies as well!

Dead Poets:
Friday night after ESL, James & I had our first double date. We ate dinner and watched a movie, Dead Poets Society with Megan & Jay. In actuality, we were more like chaperones as Megan is only 17 and her bf not much older. But all in all, we had a blast hanging with this sweet couple. We spent 2 hours trying to teach ESL to our sweet cubans, then stuffed ourselves silly on rolls and potato soup at O'Charley's before going back to the Posey's basement to watch a movie. In traditional Melissa-fashion, I was asleep within ten minutes of the movie starting and woke up at the credits.

My name is Melissa and I am a bad computer owner. First, I let my Anti-Virus expire. Now, I have a trojan. Thankfully, my roomie Sarah is quite the Tech-girl and has been working tirelessly fixing my PC.

Mean Girls
Lastly, on Sunday I took my Middle School girls out for their annual Valentines Day Celebration. The plan was: church, lunch, and movie. The day went as planned but God used it as an opportunity to show me a lot about the character of my girls. In the car on the way to lunch, my girls had a yearbook out and were basically blasting everyone in the yearbook as either ugly, stupid, weird, etc...I had to stop the car at one point, tell them in my best teacher/parent voice to put away the yearbook and inform them that pretty is as pretty does and that presently they were all pretty ugly. Man was I frustrated with these girls! I remember doing the same thing and am trying to remember what God did to teach me this important lesson so I can pass that on to my girls. Please pray for me and them.

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