27 February 2008


Sable is the best dog in the world-I can't wait to see her this weekend when I go home. Here's the story of Sable.

Sable showed up with two male bird dogs at church on Sunday. Nope, not there to worship Jesus (though I'm sure if human Sable would be among the elect). Apparently someone dropped them off which happens quite frequently since the church is out in the country. Anyway she and the three boys lived at church for close to a month-eating what they could find, sleeping under the porch, and participating in all kinds of tail-wagging and licking on Wednesdays and Sundays when people were present. After some time, one of the deacons who shall remain nameless was overhead saying he was going to call the pound because obviously the dogs were not going to leave on their own. That's when Marvin, Kay and I sprung into action.

After taking all the kids home from church-we went back to the church and put the dogs in the church van. Sounds easy enough, but what I'm not mentioning is that the three (remember they're fully grown) dogs weren't exactly excited about being shoved into a church van..but alas those of us with aposeable thumbs won. We drove them three doors down and put them in the fenced-in backyard of Marvin & Kay. All should be well, right? Well, we silly humans underestimated our new doggie-friends. The next morning they were gone-back down at church. Seems they jumped the fence-all three of them. After three rounds of playing shove the dogs in the church van-they finally gave up and starting to stay in the fence-I feel the stead supply of Doggie Chow had something to do with it.

We found a good home for the male bird-dogs (who turned out to be lousy hunters-probably why they were dropped off) and Sable's been our's ever since-edging in on about 5 years now. We think she's about 9 years old now and probably a flat-haired retriever. She's literally the best dog in the world-obeys, patient with the little white dogs, loveable, would do anything for a cookie, and fierce towards strangers.

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