05 May 2008

12 Days

Woah - 12 days left. That's wild!

I'm all moved into the apartment. Thursday, James & I and our friend Melissa made three trips in the U-Haul to get all my stuff and some of his stuff to the new place. Then James went off to class and Melissa headed home. As I slowly carried in one box at a time, as I am pitifully puny. God blessed me tremendously when two of our neighbors came and graciously carried everything left in the truck in for me. James was super excited when I called him when he class ended at 10pm to tell him he didn't have to come over and move anything! Almost everything is set up, except for the spare bedroom/office which has turned into a catch-all room for everything I don't want to deal with at the moment. I'll post pictures soon :)

As I look forward to being married in 12 days -- YIKES -- I'm praying that God teaches me more about trusting in his faithfulness and provision. I'm so tempted to worry and fret over things I simply have no control. I have such little faith at times, it's quite embarassing. However, God is teaching me about trusting him and while it is hard, I am eager to learn and trust more!

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