09 May 2008

8 Days ... Apartment 315

Here's a glimpse into what will be James and I's apartment.

The front door ... well, it's an apartment so it's the only door.
Check it out, the mail box is right next to the door

The dining room (yikes, bare wall needs color!)
Mr. Silver likes his new spot in the dining room-he can see all the action.

The living room from Mr. Silver's view in the dining room.
(Yikes again - bare wall needs color!)

The living room again - looks better from this view.

The kitchen - LOVE the Peru wall hanging :)

Mr. Silver's view of the kitchen ... small, yes but a great improvement from Fuller. (Please ignore the trash bag, need to get a trash can soon!)

My bedroom for the next 8 days, then I have to share it with a boy!

The beautiful paper lantern James picked out at World Market for our bedroom - matches the bedspread perfect!

The beautiful bedspread from dear sweet, Jenn-Jenn.

Our cool B&W Bathroom - very tiny btw.

The bathroom again ... life-saving space saver thing.

Cute stackable washer/dryer.
They hold only minuscle loads, but it beats going to the landromat!

Our pet bird, "Feather" lives here. She's a morning dove. I looked for her all evening, but she must have been out running errands.

The view out our door.

So that's our apartment. Please come visit anytime - our door is always open. It's a stepdown from 4208 with Sarah and Rachel, but my house at home is a step down from that amazing apartment! I think we'll like it here. There are several other seminary families that live here, lots of kids, and a small pool.

So this is where we'll hopefully spend the next 2-3 years before we head overseas, Lord willing. Please pray for us as we begin our lives together, that we will be focuses on each other and not our own selfish wants/desires and that God will use our marriage for his glory and to minister to and encourage others.

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