08 May 2008

9 Days ... Honeymoon

Here's the scoop on the honeymoon :)

We're doing a kinda split-honeymoon. We're spending 2 night just after the wedding at a very nice B&B here in town. Then James and I are back to work for the rest of the week, as we are poor seminary students and have rent to pay June 1st! :)

That following weekend, we'll head to Nashville for my neice's high school graduation. It'll be a fun weekend celebration with family and good food -- being in Nashville is always so good for his TN girl :)

Then the week of Memorial Day, we're heading to Cincinnati, OH for our "official" honeymoon. We're staying at this lovely B&B just outside Cincinnati in Burlington, KY. It's an old farm house with only two guest rooms. There are horses (we're signed up for horse-riding lessons on Friday), two large ponds for fishing (James is very excited) there are like 10 cats and a dog to pet (I'm very excited) ... we'll be in heaven in this small-town life.

The best part is just 20 minutes away is Cincinnati where we'll venture for a
Reds game, the Art Museum, the Zoo, Creation Museum and various parks. I'm quite excited!

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