22 May 2008

Newlyweds - 5 days

I absolutely love my husband!

He is patient with me.
He is kind to me.
He tells me I'm beautiful and reiterates it again when I joke that he needs to get his eyes checked.
He prays with me at night.
He reads to me from our little "Couple Devotion" book.
He makes me laugh, like last night, when we "couch danced" to the tunes on American Idol.
He loves the Lord more than me.

More specific ways he has blessed me this week:
Monday, he brought me flowers - Irises!
Tuesday, he made up the bed all by himself, tried desperately to buy this double papasan chair thing-which didn't pan out, but the thought was sweet, and watched American Idol with me, though he really could care less.
Wednesday, he watched the finale of American Idol with me, though he really really could care less. He did my laundry for me - even folding/hanging everything up too!
Tonight, we're watching LOST together, it is my secret plan to get him addicted ... mmuuuaahh!!

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