13 May 2008

4 Days ... Official

James and I stopped by the County Clerk yesterday when I got off work and got our marriage license. One thoroughly confusing application (seriously I have a Master's Degree and I had to ask questions), a quick 10 minute wait and $35.50 later, we're licensed to wed!

It's strange how seeing our names on the document suddenly makes it feel official. I mean, we created and sent out 200 invitations, paid lots of money to different people, I have a dress, he has a tux but it became all the more real to me yesterday holding that form. It's a cool feeling - excitement mixed with anxiousness.

Afterwards, we went to Mark's Feed Store for some good ole' BBQ. Monday's are "Free Dessert Days" so after stuffing my face with BBQ chicken, I squeezed in some hot fudge Sundae ... I do have a dress I must fit into in 4 short days. Possibly not my smartest idea, but it was YUUUMMMMYYYY!

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