13 August 2008

Post about Nothing

I really don't have anything to say ... sad huh? So here's some random things running through my head.

  • I wish our sad little rabbit ears picked up NBC so I could watch the Olympics ... oh well.
  • This week we're driving to South Point OH for James' aunt's birthday - fun times - I'm very excited. AND we got her a super cute gift :)
  • School starts next week for James ... so he'll then be super busy reading, studying, etc ... I really need to get on that reading list of my own.
  • I wish I could have gotten a teaching job this fall, but I'm trusting God to provide and making the best of my current job in the meantime.
  • I really like my new ESL student - she's very smart, eager to learn, and sweet.
  • I need a hair cut, badly.
  • I bought new shoes and some new shirts this past weekend - woo hoo!
  • Free Dessert night at Marks' Feed Store is great, except when you stuff dessert on top of an already full of BBQ belly, then it's not so great.

That's about all folks ...

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