18 August 2008

Newlyweds - 3 Months!

For our one month anniversary, I posted on 10 things I had learned about James in that previous month. Yesterday was our 3 month anniversary and as I reflect, I notice that God has taught me so much about myself, most of it is not pretty but I do have faith that He is working on me, using marriage for my good and his glory.

10. I am a domestic nerd. You know the term "domestic goddess" - yeah I will not claim to be one of those but; I am a domestic nerd. I make lists and calendars for everything! Presently there is an August calendar on the fridge with all the meals planned for the month AND I'm actually looking forward to planning for September.
9. According to James, I say certain words funny. Yeah, funny coming from the mountain man from WV. I can't recall the words right now, but I'll post on that later.
8. I have learned to enjoy Westerns. *Silence from the crowd* I know - crazy what you do for someone you love!
7. I have learned to like talking on the phone. James calls me randomly throughout the day. I have learned to enjoy and look forward to these little interruptions throughout the day.
6. I have no rhythm. So, I knew that before we got married, but James in his naive hope thought that perhaps I was being modest. Yeah right!
5. Deep down I really am a girl. I think I spent 29 years of my life being so independent, so self-reliant, that I'm almost denied being a girl. What I mean is, I was always trying to be tough - one in control. I'm learning how to lean on another - depend on him, which is strengthening my dependence on God. So all in all it's a very good thing :)
4. Apparently, I too snore and sometimes talk in my sleep. This, of course is according to James and I'll beleive it when I see documented proof!
3. I am a decent cook, sometimes - ha! With the exception of an undercooked pork loin and some burnt garlic bread, I've done pretty good so far, if I do say so myself.
2. I am very much loved. James loves me SOOO much - more than I ever thought a person could. He is always first to reconcile/forgive if we disagree. He constantly seeks ways to serve me and do little things for me. I am very loved!
1. I am much much more sinful than I had ever thought before. Yes, so some of you may be thinking, "yeah we knew that!" But seriously, living with another human 24/7, particularly in the close relationship of husband and wife, I have learned that my selfishness, stubborness, pride, tendencey towards self-reliance and independence, controlling nature, etc... run much deeper than I had ever imagined. I am thankful to God for pointing out to my sin and am trusting that He will continue to shape and mold me into the person he wants me to be!

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